August 2015 Vietnam Trip Report

We had a big group this year travelling to Viet Nam for charity. As last year, we awarded the children who did well in school last year with gifts and treats for all the children. There are many special events during this trip. Read More...

July 2014 Vietnam Trip Report

This summer, we again travel to Vietnam to visit the children. We visited 6 orphanages. We awarded the children who did well in school last year with gifts and treats for all the children, After many years of visiting Thien Binh, the children was happy to see us and called me "chu Thang" which was a very warm feeling. It is a privilege to be part of the children's lives. After many trials and thanks to Kathy, we were able to install Skype with audio at Thien Binh, now, the sponsors can communicate with their children directly. Kathy also brought gifts from her family and friends to donate to the children. Read More...

August 2012 Vietnam Trip Report

This past August, Thắng Trn, H4VO president and other H4VO friends made their second annual volunteer trip to Vietnam. This is the report on their trip.
(View photos of the trip.)

This year marked our second annual trip to Vietnam. We visited 8 orphanages, and a mental institute, and a leper center. Thanks to your continuing support, Thiên Bình has been able to take in additional at risk children. To help offset the cost of milk and diapers, we sponsored 8 additional babies. We also treated everyone several orphanges and mental institution with barbecue lunch and drinks.

We would like to thank our friends for making this trip memorable and successful. Especially, we would like to thank Kathy who joined us for the second year; Vi and Vivian for volunteering at Thiên Bình. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Rocky and his friends, Annika, alicia, and Sean as they conclude their volunteer mission at Thiên Bình.

July 2011 Vietnam Trip Report

This past July 2011, Thng Trn, director of H4VO, made a two-week charity trip to Vietnam with his family and three volunteers. This is a report of their trip, which includes the latest progress of H4VO-sponsored orphanages, and information about the other orphanages that they visited. (View photos of the trip.)

Our orphanage trip was a great success, even though it only lasted two weeks. We visited eight orphanages, a mental institution (Tri Điên), and children at a cancer hospital (Bnh Vin Ung Bu). Among the eight orphanages, two of them are the orphanages that we currently sponsor, Thiên Bình and Diu Giác, three orphanages are in Bà Rịa, Vũng Tàu, one is in Bình Chánh, one is in Hóc Môn, and another is in HChí Minh City. In addition to clothes and basic medicines like Tylenol and vitamins, we donated soccer balls, crayons, pens, and Frisbees to the children.

We would like to thank our friends and volunteers for making this trip a productive and memorable experience. We would especially like to thank ChNinh and Ch Vân for being our guides and providing us with great hospitality while in Vietnam; Kathy Nguyn, Chương Ngô, and Jessica Vũ for sharing invaluable moments with the children. Above all, we would like to thank every friend of H4VO. It was your support and generous donations that enable H4VO to bring the cheerful smiles and hope to the orphans.

(Please note that all travel expenses and donations, including gifts and money, made in this trip are from their personal accounts and are not funded by H4VO. H4VO funds are donated quarterly directly to the sponsored orphanages). Read More...